Follow your heart. A saying that we repeat often in life.  Understanding the balance of loving yourself first and then others, can help us to receive truth and freedom of who we were truly created to be. Since God is love, and we were created out of His love to receive love to be light and love to those around us (we each are a piece of His heart from heaven down to earth to shine out fire and brilliance), it makes sense He is always speaking to that place in our heart. It’s where He deposits His insights, His love for us, His words of encouragement and His desires for our life. Our hearts are a gauge that we should always be listening to and following. If we sit in silence and listen to our heart, the answers lie deep within.  However it’s important as well to guard your heart as the bible says (Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.). Because if we don’t put boundaries up, others who are hurting or confused themselves may cause hurt and pain to us that will then in turn cause us to second-guess, deny or ignore the truths God has spoken over us.

I pray beautiful GEMS today and always that God heals and removes all the clutter, pain and confusion in your heart preventing you from hearing the answers that are already deep inside. I pray for confirmation, revelation and peace in the answers you are seeking and the truths of just how awesome and loved you are. May there be love in your life always and may your heart be the guide you follow. May you be free to be light and love to those around you and to shine out fire and brilliance to every one you meet!

~ Leslie Kirby McElhaney ❤️ #gemsmadetoshine #followyourheart #guardyourheart #balanceiskey #lovewins

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