As I was looking at this photo of my beautiful grand daughter Ella when I first got to hold her after she was born, and reflecting on how much I love this baby and how my heart is overflowing (understatement) with joy and love for her and want to spoil her and be with her every day and already do and will think that every little thing she does is perfect and adorable, it made me ask myself why don’t we love ourselves with such abandon? Instead we are so hard on ourselves – pointing out our flaws or comparing ourselves to others and thinking that we don’t measure up or limiting ourselves due our pasts thinking we are unworthy of love. But I am here to remind you beautiful GEMS that each one of you is an amazing, awesome, beautiful miracle who deserves more love than your hearts can contain!! And our loving Father is not judging us but rather looks at us with such love and adoration that our minds can’t even comprehend. Even more than a grandma who thinks their grandbaby is the best thing in the world if you can even imagine. Today is the day! It is time for us to throw off the love limits, and embrace and encourage ourselves every day as the amazing GEMS that we truly are! Remember, we are light and love to those around us, and someone is waiting on you. But in order to love without limits, we have to walk freely in it ourselves first. Be blessed, be free, love yourself and shine on! ~ Leslie Kirby McElhaney #gemsmadetoshine #lovewithoutlimits #youarethemiracle #lightandlove #shineon #haveitoldyoulatelyyouareamazing

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