In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to recognize each of you amazing, beautiful GEMS and remind you to never let anything or anyone keep you from shining!  You were each created out of love to be love – made with beauty and made with strength.  As girls and women though, we feel such pressure whether in school, on the job, or in relationships thinking we just don’t measure up or we are not enough.  But see if we could only realize and embrace the awesome creations that we truly are, we would toss that thinking aside and walk out life in confidence and purpose.  But it is never too late!  Celebrate you each and every day.  Remind yourself that you were made from love to be love to others, made from strength to overcome obstacles and situations, made to be free to not conform to other’s standards, and made from God’s light and love to shine and keep on shining so that other’s can be encouraged!  So be blessed, be free, shine on and keep on shining.  xoxo ~ Leslie McElhaney

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Celebrate you! International Women’s Day!

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