Living the High Life and Helping Things Stay in Balance!

On a recent flight, I was asked to move up from my current seat to “balance” the plane off. Well to be honest, I wasn’t the first choice (as us Jan Brady’s – Google Brady Bunch for reference if you are under 35 – are used to being second choice – dang Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!). The flight attendant stood behind me and asked for four people to move up front due to having to “balance” the flight before take-off. I didn’t mind though not being asked first as I was sitting pretty in air travel world as I got my preferred aisle seat and had no one sitting next to me (even got to put my things up in the overhead, which doesn’t happen often when you are in the back of the plane) #airtravelwinning.

However, my ears did perk up to the prospect of needing to balance the airplane. Even though I didn’t think it would be a choice for me, it still didn’t prevent me from thinking…”hmmm… wonder where they are sending them up front” and “what if they are in a worse spot than they are in the back and smashed in the dreaded middle tight as a pair of jeans after thanksgiving dinner.” As I was pondering these questions, I heard some hesitation in the folks behind me. A couple people said yes but others (especially ones in the same sweet spot as me in the back) hesitated or said no thank you. So when it got to me, I right away said “Yes!” Sure there was some trepidation on my part as my questions still remained unanswered, but seriously, the first thought that came to mind was “Hecks yes, I want to do my part to “balance” the plane!” because: 1) I wanted to get going as this exercise was taking longer than expected and most importantly 2) I wanted to land safely because bad visuals came to mind with an “unbalanced” airplane.

So I grabbed my stuff not knowing where I was heading to up front. Much to my amazement (with no one to high five with), I was put in first class! So excited even with the flight attendant eyeing me up and down to see what weight class I fell into and where the best spot was for me. To stop this ‘Weight Watchers’ meeting from going any longer, I asked, “May I take this seat?” “Why shouldn’t tilt us in the other direction and cause a tailspin in the air,” is what I heard him say in my mind. So here I was in first class with the elite customers. A seat all to ‘me own self’ (as my daughter Megan would say when she was a toddler and wanted to do things herself) living the high life for 2.5 hours. Free drinks and snacks of choice and plenty of room for my legs and makeup bag and laptop.

It got me thinking about the people who hesitated. The ones who probably thought like me, “where are taking me and is it going to be a better place or worse.” Fears and hesitations are common even when the first thing we should do when asked to help balance weight in a heavy aircraft that will soon be thousands of miles in the air is “Yes! Where to?” But isn’t it just like life when someone tells us to rest or find balance or de-stress from the running around to and fro for us to say “No! I can’t! It will make things worse.” Then we cry out to God for relief as our bodies are tired and weak and minds in a fog only for Him to speak to our hearts and say, “Rest, breath, slow down. It really is okay. Even I rested on the 7th day.” Instead of making sure our own airplanes (bodies) are balanced and in a safe place, we ignore the warnings and advice and keep pushing ourselves. Before we know it, we are in a tailspin, and our mind, body and emotions are out of whack.

This experience made me realize just how important it is to be in balance in everything – from the rotation and placement of the earth to the weight in an airplane to balancing peace and rest in our own lives. We must make sure our mind, soul and body are taken care of first. The to-do list can wait especially when the list is causing harm with health issues or emotions are so out of balance that you don’t even want to hang out with yourself (you know it is bad then).

So what do you do to balance ourselves you ask? Well just like the flight attendant, when the warnings are there that something is out of balance, instead of hesitating or waiting out of fears for something bad to go wrong, we have to stop, rethink, reprioritize and rebalance. Trust me this balancing act will surely pay off with not just drinks in actual glass cups and snacks of your choosing, but a body that is rested, stress that is reduced, and mind clear of clutter. They say a happy wife, happy life. How about a happy person, happy life or stress-free person, stress-free life or rested person, rested life.  I can keep going with this, but you get the point.

Look balancing our life is not always the easiest thing to do. As much as I enjoyed the benefits of first class, there was a passenger who will go unnamed (as I did not know who they were luckily for them) who had some let’s just say “digestive issues” that they made us aware of a few times. Even with no gas mask to protect me, I still would have done it again for the safety aspect and, of course, the choice of free snacks (so nice).

So take time today and always beautiful GEMS to evaluate if you are out of balance, identify the things that may be causing it, and pray about how to go about prioritizing. I am telling you the extra steps to move your stuff up to first class is well worth the payoff. (Oh and be prepared for unseen things like people with gas issues and have that contingency plan ready.)

So now beautiful GEMS, buckle up and get ready to see your airplane take off and soar into your future! Most importantly, please always remember you are worthy of first class – so kick back, prop up those feet, get yourself your favorite snack and drink, and relax!I Corinthians 14:33 – For God is not a God of disorder but of peace–as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.

Be blessed, be free, shine on and keep on shining beautiful GEMS! You were made for it!
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