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Concentrate on God Today | GEMS

“Concentrate on God today and let the rest just fade away.” is what came to mind after a not so great start to my day. A reminder from above of what today is – Good Friday – a day of reflection. Reflection as we think of the pain Jesus endured on the cross, the sadness experienced by His friends and family as they watched helplessly, and most importantly and significantly the pain endured by God as he heard His Son cry out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (ref. Matthew 27:46). The words no parent would want to hear from their child, and God with all His power could not intervene and say “Son I’m Here!” but rather had to acknowledge the sacrifice by separating Himself from Jesus at that moment in order to set the course of history for generations to come – FREEDOM from sin and death for His beloved children. A gift FREELY GIVEN – not to be earned (cause let’s face we could never do enough to cover the cross) – for all of His beautiful GEMS to receive – each of you! I tear up as I write this thinking of the ultimate sacrifice made to bring hope, love and light to a fallen and scared world. But TAKE HEART, there is more to come as the story unfolds. Please join me this evening beautiful GEMS at 8 pm est as we join together live in unity to bring light and love to each other and those around us. #goodfriday #gemsafterdark #gemsmadetoshine #reflection #sacrificiallove #freedom

-Leslie McElhaney

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