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Release, Relax, and Find Rest for your Soul | GEMS

The 4 stages of finding rest from the stress. Stage 1 – No time – come on let’s go there’s so much to do no time to lay here on the hammock and rest!! Stage 2 – Debating – I don’t know maybe I should rest I am really tired but…. Stage 3 – Distraction – what is that over there? Do I need to pay attention to that now? Oh I don’t know. Stage 4 – Release, Relaxation and Realization – This does feel good. Why didn’t I do this sooner??

Let go of the stresses beautiful GEMS and find rest. Listen to your body and give it the time it deserves to renew.

#bodysoulspirit #gemsmadetoshine #lightsshinebrighterwhenrecharged #evenGodrested

-Leslie McElhaney

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