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God on Our Side! | GEMS

Clearly the person who was in charge of lines was ONLY doing the job they were charged to do. An official “Not my job” award winner right there. lol. In reality, isn’t that how we are supposed to be when it comes to expectations, outcomes, and the messes that life throws us? With God on our side, we have an advocate who handles the jobs we were never meant to do. We may be used of God, but we are not god to take a situation and fix it. Only Jesus in us – the hope of glory – can soften the hardest heart, break free the chains of an addict, or help someone release their own control issues. We are the vessels to be used by Him as He choses. Remember beautiful GEMS, you cannot fail at something you were never meant to do. Let me repeat that. You cannot fail at something you were NEVER meant to do! Let God be God, and let go of the position. (Even Jesus only did was His Father told Him to do – John 5:19) And instead, cast your cares and be still and know who is in control Trusting that He will lead you down the RIGHT path and bring freedom to your life so you can shine like you were made to do!

#HappyMonday #Godssovereigntyreigns #surrender #freedom #trust #notmyjobtofixeveryone #onlydowhatyourfathertellsyou #controlfreaksreleaseitall #gemsmadetoshine

-Leslie McElhaney

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