Come join me beautiful GEMS for a week of prayer leading up to next Tuesday’s dreaded “E”. Please hear me when I say that this is not a political post, but rather a cry from my heart for God to have mercy on us, bring peace in our hearts and upon the land and remove the scales from our eyes so we can see the truth on all sides. Our only hope is not a man nor a woman but Christ alone. You may say Leslie I don’t believe in God or His Son Jesus, and I say I am sorry to hear that because He has been my rock that has carried me through and over the storms of life. Without Him, I don’t know where I would be. And so I would remiss if I didn’t share this with you all especially as we enter into a time of uncertainty. I implore you to ask Christ into your hearts if you have not already done so, so you can usher in the light that will pierce the darkness. And if you have, ask Him to be front and center leading the charge in your life. Without Him, we will not be able to overcome the evil in the world no matter who you vote for next week. This division and hate will not go away until we humble ourselves and pray. Won’t you pray this with me?
“Father God, our most loving and compassionate creator, I stand here as one of your beautiful GEMS giving you all the honor you deserve asking for your peace and mercy to cover this land. I ask that your son, Christ Jesus, come into my heart and remove anything that is not pleasing to you. Let the love of Christ flow through me to shine your light and pierce the dark evilness in this world. This life is not about me, but about sharing the gospel of love to each and every one around me. To stand up and declare your power that can wipe out evil and bring peace and goodness to the lands covering my family, my children, my grandchildren, my friends, and all those around me in your grace and mercy. Forgive me for looking to idols (to people) for my help when you have been there all along waiting for me. Send your angels to protect each and every one of us. Break the chains that keep us bound in environments of hate, division, pride, superiority and selfishness, so we can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit like a warm ray of sunshine across our faces uniting us together in your peace, hope and love. Lead us Father down the righteous path – the one carved out by you for me. In your Name. Amen.” Please share this with others. Much love.

~ Leslie Kirby McElhaney

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