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Look ONLY to Him | GEMS

As I sit here not surprised at what is going on after the “E,” (all the worlds a stage, division helps drive agendas, etc.), I am reminded more what God had put on my heart for a while now and even more during this season – quit looking to man and look ONLY to Me. He so wants a relationship with each of one of His beautiful GEMS now more than ever. This life on earth is but a moment like dust in the wind or like a flower that blooms and eventually dies, but where we go after is for all eternity. Looking to man only disappoints, but looking to Him is the complete hope of glory here on earth and the hereafter. I ask you beautiful GEMS to reach out to Him tonight. He is waiting so patiently with love (not tallying votes as I interestingly mentioned in my post yesterday) to hear from you. You are loved. You are amazing. You are light. You are fire. You are brilliance. And as I get older, I get even bolder, knowing someone needs to know that they are loved. How do I know it? Cause I need to hear it as well. Remember, no matter what is going on in this crazy world, Take heart as He has overcome it with His power of Love! xoxo GEMS Ministries

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-Leslie McElhaney

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