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Celebrate the Birth | GEMS

Hi beautiful GEMS! Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful or depressed? Especially with the holiday season and all the uncertainties around us? Wondering how to overcome it all? First step is to change your perspective or focus. If you are cold, the first thing we do is look up to the sun for warmth. And that’s exactly what we should be doing this holiday season look up to Jesus the son of God as we celebrate His birth that gives us hope to overcome all the darkness around us. This is the first and most important step. I’ll be praying for you all for God’s strength, peace and love to cover you. So you can Keep on shining! You were made for it!

#Gemsmadetoshine #KeepOnShining #LightAndLove #ReasonForTheSeason #LookToHim #hopeofglory

-Leslie McElhaney

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