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Keep Shining! | GEMS

So when you think you are styling and profiling with your new pants, heels, and sharp white jacket, and someone at a store you stop off at compliments you on said outfit, but yet adds a “it’s hard to find plus size clothes that look that good,” do you 1) go home and burn said pants, 2) eat a tub of ice cream, or 3) both??!? (Asking for a friend BTW. ) I just wanted to encourage you all beautiful GEMS on this snowy over the hump day Wed evening, that no matter what peeps say or what is going on around you, don’t let it make you second guess your decisions or steal your excitement, joy, hope, dreams, and strutting your stuff in your fab outfit. Remember you were made to shine and you are Grrrrreat! Be blessed, shine on and keep on shining! You were made for it!

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-Leslie McElhaney

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