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Psalm 91 | GEMS

Hi beautiful GEMS! This has dropped in my spirit and thought I would share. When I say God equipped us with everything we need to shine, those are His promises from His word! Light! Love! Strength! Joy! Happiness! Overcoming! Eternal life! But we do have to work hard to keep or get back that shine as the enemy is at the door always trying to steal our shine through fear, anxiety, etc. The problem is as I say, God, His Son and Spirit get a bad rap as we may not have presented those promises the right way – meaning they are not used to gain a perfect life (He said we will have issues in life) or to beat us up for all we do wrong (Jesus covered that) BUT RATHER STRENGTHEN us for obstacles that are here or ahead, AND NOT succumb to fear, which leads to anger, division, etc. (I talk about that in other posts). So point is, as we are in a time such as this, let us unite together by praying and asking God to do His will in the world but more importantly in us (as it starts with each one of you and with me). Remove the fear, and replace it with the promises He gave you to shine light in the darkness!! I encourage you to not scroll by these words I share and think oh that is nice….we have to receive this in the depths of our soul and shine and share it with others!! And one promise I have and will continue to stand on is Psalm 91 (His protection) for my family, friends, community, etc. Won’t you join me beautiful GEMS? Don’t succumb to fear instead rise up in the promises God provided us and receive it today! So you can shine on and keep on shining as you were made to do!

-xoxo Leslie McElhaney

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