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♦ About | GEMS


Girls Esteem Made to Shine is about embracing your true identity, recognizing your gifts, removing negative labels and letting your light shine!

Once we embrace our own truth in who we were created to be, we can then share that light and love with others around us.  It’s about first receiving and then spreading the message of hope and truth that as beautiful GEMS we are free to be and made to shine!

Receive it, embrace it, walk in it, and share it!  Someone is waiting on you!


As girls and women, we contend daily with pressures to conform to certain images, compare ourselves to others or meet expectations placed on us by ourselves or others that can leave us feeling discouraged and defeated.

As beautiful GEMS, we learn to remove the negative labels, overcome situations and circumstances that can hold us back, embrace our uniqueness, and let our light shine out freely!

It may take a step of faith on our part each day to let go of what holds us back in order to grab on and receive freedom, but it is worth it.  And so are you!


From the beginning of time, through the season of your birth, there was a light planted inside each of you made to show your worth.

Not to be dimmed or lessened by hurtful words and deeds, but a light that shines out saying I am all God created me to be.

Yes, YOU were made to shine!  No matter what they do or say. Realize what causes you defeat, and throw it all away!

Be blessed, be free, and keep on shining!

~Leslie Kirby McElhaney

Our Mission

To empower girls and woman of all ages and backgrounds to become over-comers of their situations and circumstances and achieve their goals and aspirations through a renewed mindset that comes from knowing their identity is rooted in God’s love that shines through each of us as His most treasured gems.

Our Story

Leslie Kirby McElhaney, Founder and Executive Director of GEMS – Girls Esteem Made to Shine! is a writer, speaker, mentor, and trainer who reaches her audience with a blend of humor, truth and realness sharing wisdom she has gained from her past experiences to embrace a future full of freedom, love and truth.  Leslie created GEMS with a vision to to help girls and women of all ages and backgrounds be set free from what holds them back from reaching their full potential.

GEMS workshop and training topics include learning that we were already created (made) to shine and each given unique facets – talents, giftings, and characteristics – that enable us to shine out fire and brilliance without limits or constraints!   Life circumstances and negative labels others place on us or we give ourselves can hold us back from our futures, but it is never too late to get your shine back!  We can break the cycles of negative decisions and thoughts, remove those labels and learn how to develop the gifts and talents already inside to move forward into our true destiny!

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